Upside down, watching me read.

Laughing at me playing peek-a-boo

Laughing at me playing peek-a-boo

Lips. Eh, they're ok.

Kissing Mama

I love when Mama plays games with me!

Mama and Daddy are hillllarious!

My new sunhat

Visiting with the Germans

“Elsita” is what they call the little one. I called her Jitterbug the other day for her kicking feet, always attempting to get her socks off. What’s in a name? The impact of a name is hard to understand, but I’m learning how important it is. As we were sitting on the front porch today, I wondered what the significance of Elsa’s name is. In some cultures, parents wait months, years to name a child. But somehow, in ours, we have a name picked out before the birth of our little ones. Elsa’s name is significant because it unites her parents’ home culture with the culture in which she was born. She has a namesake, a former student at El Pozo, who holds a place in the hearts of her parents. She also carries a middle name that honors both of her grandmothers.

I’m loving this child. I love that she recognizes me when she sees me, that she’s comfortable in my arms. I love when she holds my hand, when she looks at my necklace and reaches for my face. I love watching her learn, watching the synapses form in her brain. She is comforting to me, as I hope I am comforting to her.

Now I’m going to go play with the little one that I love! I will post pictures of recent adventures in Puebla soon.