“Considering things too much, all the time, was the definition of who he was” (Jerome) On Beauty, Zadie Smith

During this round of culture shock, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my head. I’m an introvert, comfortable with solitude, and naturally I revert to time alone when I’m in shock. But I also thrive with solid friendships, and need interaction with others to sustain me (who doesn’t?). When thrown into any different kind of atmosphere that’s not like the one you’ve accustomed to, you must adjust your zones of sustainment. I’m learning this.

I don’t believe in instant community, and I don’t desire surface connections. Deep connections take effort. I can’t expect for people to reach out to me, I must do the reaching out.

And the answer to each moment must be yes.” (Ani DiFranco)

Here’s a list of concrete things I plan to do to embrace that statement:

1. Spend less time on Facebook. I’m not sure how to limit myself in this arena, but I must.

2. Explore downtown Cholula. I saw some shops that interested me last time I was there, and I want to go back.

3. Spend a chunk of time daily studying Spanish.

4. Take the bus.

5. Make plans with some of my friends from Casa Verde.

6. Go to an UDLA sports game.

7. Go to a coffee shop and read there instead of reading at home.

8. Go to some museums.

9. Plan my trip to Chiapas.

Apologies for the heaviness of some of my posts. Thank you for reading. I write as a sort of accountability tool, and I’m curious… to whom am I being accountable? Who are you, out there??