I feel compelled to write but don’t feel I have much to say. Last week was not what I expected, but I found a lot of jewels along the way.

I’ll leave you with a passage that caught my eye and a picture that has been amusing me.

“What makes the strength of a soldier isn’t the energy he uses trying to intimidate the other guy by sending him a whole lot of signals, it’s the strength he’s able to concentrate within himself, by staying centered. That Maori player was like a tree, a great indestructible oak with deep roots and a powerful radiance- everyone could feel it. And yet you also got the impression that the great oak could fly, and that it would be as quick as the wind, despite, or perhaps because of, its deep roots.” Paloma, in The Elegance of a Hedgehog

Before Elsa was born, she was referred to as McBaby, as her last name is McDade, her sex was unknown, and her parents are very clever. (She has cousins- twins!- coming this year known as the BoBo Babies, named after their residence on BoBo Banks road. Funny, I know.)

I call this photo…. MacBaby.