Why do we read? Why do we collect books and for what reasons do they become so incredibly dear to us?

I can’t imagine my life without books, any less than I can imagine my world without books. When I’m away, I miss my library, and when return to my home one of the first things I do is go stare at the books on the bookshelf in my room, picking out favorites, holding them, running my hands over their covers. I discover books I don’t remember buying, books that taught me lessons, and books that became my friend in rough times. I wouldn’t have survived the void that exists post college in my intellectual life without the company of books. I wouldn’t have survived the times of loneliness in my life without those sacred things.

This is one of my favorite things ever written about reading:


Lists for the voracious reader in some of you:



And finally, one of my favorite new sites:


How do YOU feel about books? Do you keep them, do you give them away? Do you have a library? New, old, antique, first editions?