Walking around the mall

Lunch with friends!

Brunch at Flavor on Palm Sunday

Happy girl

I love that grin

In crawling position, but not crawling yet!


This sunhat cracks us up

Another fascinating object: PAPER.

This is probably my favorite thus far.

More rolls. This child is exquisite!

The leg rolls are the best.

Her expressions are growing more animated. Squeals often accompany these looks of joy.

Elsa has started eating solid food. This was her (hilarious) reaction to mangoes. Every time I look at these pictures I laugh out loud.

More faces for your amusement. Check out that misery. (We didn't torture her for long.)

Please stop, guys!

Really with the mangoes? Really?

And finally, this heartbreakingly precious sleeping child.

Elsa progress: She’s even more interested in the world around her, playing for a long time on her own with toys, watching everything, feeling textures and playing with simple things like paper. She’s fascinated with noises and toys.

Elsa is now eating solid foods. We’ve tried apples, pears, bananas, mangoes, green beans, broccoli,  and rice cereal. Pears are in the lead, and green beans are dragging behind. I doubt we’ll ever give her mangoes again! She’s spit out the green beans and broccoli but there is still hope!

I’m feeling the love from the little one. She breaks into hearty belly laughs and squeals when she sees me. It’s amazing how much love you can feel coming from a little one. She kicks and waves her arms and squeals with a high pitch noise when she sees loved ones. My new favorite moment is when she’s going to bed with mom, walking up the stairs. She finds this moment hilarious if I’m downstairs watching her and breaks into full out screaming/squealing/laughing  mode. The squealing and laughing is also very effective when attempting to get Mommy’s/Daddy’s/big kids attention. She’s learning to use her voice, and I love watching the process.

I’ve just the halfway mark of my time here and am anticipating being very sad to leave! Elsita and I have formed a very strong bond, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! What a joy and an honor to care for her.