11 April. Visited a new church today- lively singing meant I harmonized at full volume. Post-church lunch at Costco- who knew? They have good pizza.

10 April. Breakfast at Flavor with Sylvia, enthusiastic German friend. Walked for an hour total that day- got a sunburn! False alarm on the baby, we thought she might be coming!

9 April. We're all anticipating the arrival of the youngest Cooper, Sawyer. Sweet celebration at Casa Verde with women of the ministry.

8 April. She ate carrots this day. I left her in her diaper, admiring her rolls and sweet skin.

7 April. "Watched Elsa" so her parents could go on a date in the p.m. Baked cookies, was serenaded by friends via video chat, and washed dishes. I love the accomplished feelng of a post-dishwashing clean sink.

6 April. These showed up at Easter. Simplicity.

1 April. Full of energy, these two. We ate lasagna, watched cartoons, played outside. I pushed them on the swings and thought about how much fun children will be one day.