There’s this exhausting balance in my life between indulgence and restraint, and I’m walking the line most hazardously.

I want art, and clothing and groceries of a certain lifestyle. I want travel, I want to live in a place where I have access to thoughts and ideas that are new and refreshing. I want to be intellectually stimulated, I want an environment where I can support local businesses, where I can walk someplace on foot. I find the suburbs stifling, frustrating. A place where the library contains self help books and patrons solely here for the internet. I’m intrigued by photography, inspired by homey things.

I want the city, public transportation, parks and non-Starbucks coffee joints. The roots are aching to be out of this tiny pot and be put in a larger one. I want to meet people, get my friend muscle going again, listen to new and intriguing things, be motivated to seek something outside myself.

Ache ache ache ache ache. Long for more. Want to go deeper.