Some days I feel like I’m just dragging my life around like a heavy, wet blanket, struggling with the weight of it all. Other days I feel like dancing, but this is not one of those days. I want to throw all of my belongings out the window and start over. I want to ride down the highway and throw everything out.

Of course, I’m coming to realize that you have the choice- you can either dance or drag. In these busy months I feel far more burdened: burdened by loneliness, isolation, materialism, longing. Burdened by my dreams, burdened by the past. I can either feel guilty about those feelings, which I often do, or try to find a way to live through them, really feel them, and come to a day (hopefully soon!) where I feel safe in community, free of the past, and like I’m living my dreams. Until then, I’ll relish the moments of dancing and look at photographs and dream of concerts.