I want to get into the habit of writing again. So much of writing is just forcing yourself to tap things out on a keyboard or to write write write furiously in a journal. I’m mesmerized by the process. And when I don’t do it for a while, I can feel myself getting rusty. While I was in school, I was so accustomed to forcing things into edible words on a page. Usually those words were typed out furiously at the last moment, but it wasn’t difficult for me to get my thoughts to fit into paragraphs and phrases.

Now, it’s a bit more difficult. It takes practice. It takes discipline. When I’m healthy, I write frequently. I am healthy when I write frequently. I’m not brilliant, and I’m not a scholar, and I’m no author, but there’s discipline to be had. “No one reads your blog.” Well, it’s possibly true. Some days I really like that fact, and other days I really care. But I think I need the discipline and the consistency of this space, so I’m going to come to it.

I’m feeling change moving through me again. I’m beginning to look at my belongings in a new way, mentally fitting them all into my little Honda, jigsaw puzzle style. I have surrounded myself with the few treasures that I love. Which would I take with me? Which would I leave? Would I miss things? What is absolutely essential to my survival. When I moved to Mexico, Erin suggested I take one thing that reminded me of home, to which my brain responded (how can you take only one thing?). My quilts come to mind, as do a few treasures that have accumulated in a dish on my bookshelf- rocks from the river, coral from Mom’s and Wade’s recent cruise, the small Talavera cross from Puebla, and a tiny clothespin that I stole from my roommate. Other things, like a ceramic bird that I bought recently and a round mirror that I fell in love with at our favorite antique shop in town, would possibly not make the cut. I’d give myself one box. One box of treasures. Then we’d see what fits in the puzzle.

I just wonder: what can’t I live without? What will make me feel like I’m home? What will help me to nest? I’m thankful that my room is relatively minimalist right now, and hopefully I can transfer that sense of home to another place. I really hope so. I’m ready.