Word on the street is that fall is in the air. My hair whipping around my face while sitting in the backseat of my stepbrothers 90s Mustang while freezing just a tiny bit confirmed my suspicion.

Another suspicion: Fall 2010 is my season. Last week was utter, fantastic, sheer craziness- leaving me feeling a bit like my life was thrown in a blender and poured out on the floor, but I panicked very little, went into a weekend hibernation with my high school best friend, filled with shopping, watching puppies cutesily play, eating Thanksgivingish food, and remembering how to laugh.

So I’d like to pledge at this time that fall will contain nothing but good- the kind of season that finds you drinking oodles of pumpkin spice lattes, sitting and watching the September sky, {which Whitney told me about (apparently the sky is the bluest of blues in September? Haven’t noticed. Here’s to noticing)}, maybe going to Six Flags, Stone Mountain- lazer show craziness whoa!, probably moving, definitely visiting Denver and Asheville, definitely taking lots of photos and enjoying many bubble baths, and all around just breathing in the refreshing cool air of autumn and raising a toast to the wonder of the season-change.