Here I am again.

After a decidedly emotional weekend, I’m once again sitting in my room on a quiet night and thinking about my possessions. Yep, that’s what I said. Thinking about my possessions.

Here’s what’s going on. For the past month or so, I’ve been cluttering up my bookmarks tab (ironically, they haven’t been sorted, but that’ll happen soon) thinking about minimalism. Just a quick look through my “unsorted bookmarks” shows me titles like “how to live with a minimalist pantry” and “100 Things Challenge”: created to inspire folks to downsize their belongings to 100 things. I’ve been reading blogs like this one and articles that make it all the way to the New York Times. I’ve been thinking through the idea of minimalism and simplicity, and wondering what it means, practically, to me. There are lots of definitions for minimalism floating around, but the best one I’ve come across really seems quite simple. It’s the word enough. The concept sings with the promise of limiting your possessions to what’s enough for you.

What is enough for me? Honestly, some of my happiest times have been spent with only a suitcase of belongings to define my life. I’m forced, in those situations, the carry the most precious and meaningful, and useful belongings with me. When I’m away, I’m often thinking of coming home and getting rid of things in my closet/dresser/attic/basement, and I often arrive back home with a keen eye for sorting. My belongings have become less of a comfort in the past few years and more of a burden.

So here I am. I’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and purging heavily. I’ve thought about diving deeper into a discussion about the simple life and how it expresses a connection and concern for the poor in this world, but at this point, I’m coming from a particularly selfish, self- reflective place. I’ll go deeper later. As I think through and reflect on the process, I’ll report back. It may not be very intriguing to you guys out there in cyberspace, but it’s a fun little mini-challenge for me. Here goes nothin’.

Top 10 places I want to declutter

10. My bookmarks folder

9. My bookshelf- already begun!

8. My makeup and toiletries

7. Summer clothes

6. T-shirt collection

5. Sock/underwear drawer

4. Jewelry

3. Memorabilia

2. Photographs

1. My “hope chest”- kitchen items that have been collected over the years.

Here’s an article about longing for silence that makes me happy.  And another by a favorite author that touches on our addiction to busyness- filling our hours with junky activities.

If you want more food for thought, head over here.