Outside my window: ah, but there is no window! i sit in a lovely cubicle with a few flourescent lights to brighten my days, and occassionally i wander over to the windows which look out on the downtown connector and the football field where the brand new ga state football team practices. occassionally a MARTA train will whoosh by with a blur of orange and blue. audre lorde looks over me with raised arms and a sweet smile.
I’m thinking:….about being outside, working from home and making an office out-of-doors. the birds could bring me coffee and the squirrels could shred the papers that sit in a box behind me. i keep daydreaming of this weekend and the hiking that i’ll do after a night of listening to the indigo girls and being in the company of fun people. i can’t wait to breathe in the cool night air, sit around a campfire, and drink the sam adams octoberfest that i found on sale (!) at target.
I’m thankful for: a conversation with a friend this morning about potentially moving into the city. ahhhhhhhhh……. the traffic has been rough during my daily commute, and there’s a gigantic need for me to be near my job. i’ve been excited and caffeinated all day about the potential for change, and i am so thankful for the friends in my life who care enough to call, to invite me over for mini-staycations, and those sweet notes i get on my facebook page. i’m grateful for adulthood, for a variety of options, and for fresh air.
From the kitchen: black bean burgers and homemade salsa, and carrots! also, every morning for the past 4 months i’ve eaten ezekial bread toast with white cheddar cheeze melted and slightly crispy with a tart cup of awake tea, both habits i stole from my friend whit and my marmee. fall promises lots of warm soups from erin’s kitchen.
I’m wearing: a wrap dress that i got from liz claiborne. my hair is thrown up on a ponytail and i’ve got my favorite black flats on my feet- lately i’ve just wanted to wear my pajamas to work and curl up on the floor with all of my paperwork, but i have to retain some appearance of being a responsible working person.
I’m creating: a life. daily i think about the crafting that this sweet little life takes- i love the photo blog that i’ve started, something that really pushes me to find moments in my days that i appreciate. i’ve attempted to retain friendships and invest in people in lifelong sort of way. often i stress about the correct decision to make, but i’m resting in the knowledge that the next step will be the right one, and i won’t let myself down.
I’m reading: the story of edgar sawtelle by david wroblewski. i just finished half broke horses by jeannette walls, a sort of prequel-memoir-novel to her memoir the glass castle. i ate those two books up. they’re absolutely brilliant.
I’m hoping: to finish some job applications tonight. the jobs that are really appealing to me seem to be the ones that intimidate me in the application process.
I’m hearing: my coworker talk on the phone and my breathing.
Around the house: there’s a new little pomeranian puppy that my mom fell in love with and rescued from a potentially abusive home. i’ve tried hard not to fall in love with her, but she’s one of the softest and most snuggly puppies i’ve ever been around. i’ve loved watching her go from afraid to completely confident in being in a home that is safe and loving. i should also probably put my laundry away.
One of my favorite things: mountains. i’ve decided that i will not be able to live without access to the mountains or hills. denver’s distant mountain ranges, georgia’s embracing hills, the hills of nice, the inspiring alps, and the volcanoes in puebla have all warmed my spirit over the past year, and i really can’t imagine life without being able to retreat to mountain lands. there’s some kind of spiritual nature to those ridges and valleys.
A few plans for the week: on tuesday i had a staycation with my lovely whit-nay and watched the new episode of gLee! the potato soup was fantastic with just the right amount of pepper. tonight i spend time with a berry/locustgrove friend and we plan to spend some quality play time out-of-doors. just what i need after a day under flourescents. also, tomorrow: INDIGO GIRLS BONFIRE BEER HIKING GOOD PEOPLE BEST WEEK EVER.