The beginning of two-thousand and ten saw me looking forward to and departing for a trip that has been responsible for a lot of my transformation. At the previous Christmas, I was paralyzed by indecision, insecure, feeling tiny and weak in the adult world. It’s symbolic that my year will end with what it was defined by in the beginning: caring for children. I learned a sense of wonder, a sense of seizing the moment and laughing with that little human being called Elsa. I learned to let go of the big issues and focus on her development. And I learned to live in friendship with her parents.

Following that trip, I was again tossing and turning in insecurities, but found my way to an unexpected city in an unexpected job. I turned away from a dream that I had held onto that had not really been my own, but a statement to others about what my identity was. And now I’m in a place that I never expected I would be. Here I am, learning. Paying my dues, and learning to sit tight. I’m not running anymore, 2010.