Although I did not eat my black eyed peas and collard greens on January 1st, I know that 2011 holds many rich experiences, and those experiences will trump what monetary riches I’ll be able to accumulate.

A few things that got me smiling this morning:

:: a wedding to look forward to

:: a wedding shower PARTAY!! to plan and attend

:: a trip to Vancouver (finally!)

:: anticipation of friends visiting

:: new music

:: camping trips and hiking trips- my roommate invested in a state park pass that I plan to take advantage of!

:: dinners at my home

:: game nights!

:: better money managing skills. (I am improving daily)

:: day trips, weekend trips, new restaurants, new recipes, learning to bake bread, cultivating new friendships, gardening, warm weather, fall leaves, continuing to nest in my new home, finding a faith community, learning more about who I am, reading some of these books, watching my friends grow and learn, writing and sending letters, learning to dig deep in my community, exploring new neighborhoods, playing in the park, taking tons of photographs and being another year older.