It’s snowing here in Atlanta, coming down in what seems like a blizzard to the people of the south, more accustomed to humidity and blistering sun than the sweet shower of flurries that we’re getting now. I’m in my apartment in Atlanta, feeling grateful for the heat that’s still working and the food that’s in my refrigerator.

Last night a friend said that she doesn’t do New Year’s Resolutions, she has yearly themes. Over the last month I’ve thought a lot about consistent ideas that have come to the surface in my life.

2010 was the year of….

Wonder:: from anticipating leaving for Mexico, to watching Elsa (who is responsible for many themes of 2010), to eating new foods and dreaming of living in many countries abroad, to learning to stand in awe over small moments in my part time job, to playing with puppies and stopping to say a prayer of thankfulness over itty bitty things in my daily life. In August we welcomed twin boys into our family- what a lesson in wonder! I learned that life is filled with such rich experience, if we only stop and recognize the wonder of it all.

Abundance:: Every single time I look into my refrigerator, I am filled with such a sense of guilt and gratefulness about the abundance in my life. The fact that I am fed every single day is no small miracle.

Acceptance:: Many days, I don’t want to be in the U.S. I don’t want to be in Georgia, I don’t want to be in Atlanta. But with each new decision comes a reminder that every day is an opportunity to practice hospitality, pay my dues, learn to be an adult, and laugh without reservation.

Simplicity:: Along with all of the abundance in my life, I have searched and searched for a sense of simplicity. I think that learning to live a life of simplicity, gratefulness, and yearning for justice can enrich our lives immensely.

Bologna:: BAL-O-NEY. I tend to think ridiculously serious thoughts. In 2010 (and especially now in the beginning of 2011), I’m learning to lighten up, call myself out on sheer ridiculosity, and LAUGH with the crazies.



(Stay tuned for anticipated themes of 2011)