My thoughts are rolling around in my head this morning, gaining momentum, making turns and twists and picking up speed as I think about a variety of subjects. I’ve been invited to attend a few classes with a friend in graduate school, and I’ve been determined lately to increase the frequency of my writing and to explore a number of subjects that interest me. Writing takes time, patience, and skill. For me, it has always been a means of escape, a way to scribble out my thoughts when I’m blinded by emotions. As I grow older, I’m realizing how therepeutic it is to taste the thoughts, to let them roll around in your brain for a while, to put them into motion and craft them into something that resembles what happens in my head. Writing has become more like baking than cooking for me; cooking being a rambunctious smattering of whatever ingredients I happen to find in my kitchen, and baking being a more deliberate process, requiring preparation of the precise amount of ingredients and placing them together in the right textures and temperatures. I’d rather cook than bake but I’m usually prouder of the product of baking.

A few subjects to look forward to:

+Minimalism or voluntary simplicity- how spiritual exploration is quieting my consumerism

+Standing on the shoulders of giants: an exploration of faith and feminism

+Baseball’s centrality in my family’s life