I think you should read this.

My hands are shiny from the light of the screen. I’m awake with a thousand tiny excited thoughts. I’m becoming alive again, exploring ways of digging in, getting my hands and my life dirty with the earth, with the world, with my world. I’m discovering this city.

You see, the two years since I’ve graduated from college have been a tornado of activity, and a good tornado at that. I’m suddenly here in a space that I’ve committed myself to until next March, in a zip-code, in a world of potentials for curtains and paint colors and parties and game nights, for tears and memories and maybe a few really good make-out sessions. I’ve held so strongly to the belief that my life is at its most fulfilled when I’m traveling, jaunting, adventuring. But here I am, awake, dreaming and dancing in my anticipation of a connected life.

Farmer’s-marketing, park-galavanting, kite-flying, flower- smelling, friend-sharing, church-going, garden-tending, volun-teering, neighborhood-exploring, people-knowing, and an all-around depth of human experience.

photo credit: WashaOtaku