change. and its consistency

my physical space. how it moves and changes and how it’s changing now

community. what it means, what it really really means and how we identify where to create it: what if it doesn’t respond? what if we don’t feel like we fit? why is it difficult? why is it so difficult for me to just show up?

insulation. feeling insulated from the world i want to create. some days i don’t feel like i identify with my neighborhood. we have to model the world we want to live in; mine doesn’t look the way i want to world to look

loneliness. with weddings and new relationships and being in a job where i don’t see a lot of people, i am singing a lonely song and trying to find ways to plug in.

minimalism. the more money i make, the more i want to buy. the more i consume, the more i get frustrated with my belongings. i don’t want my time to be consumed with caring with my stuff. i want it to be consumed with engaging my world.

family. i find it truly beautiful that i get to visit my family frequently. i saw my sweet elsa on monday and cried both tears of joy and tears of sadness that night. i miss her and her parents and i cherish the times we’re all together.

friendships. what does it mean to invest in relationships and how do you learn to step back from relationships that are no longer being sustained? how do i create new friendships? i’m not a flippant life-liver. i have lots of expectations. i want to let them go.

momentum. i was fearful that in accepting a position in atlanta, i would halt momentum. i feel like the opposite has occurred, and now that i’ve come to a bit of financial freedom and personal security, i’m in a position to dreamdreamdream! the idea of momentum is evolving in my head.

support. my roommate is raising support for her salary, and i’m learning what unique ways i can support both her and others. i’m now in a position to give monthly. i’m excited about the joy i’ll find through that experience.