There was a time when I was working in a retail job with a sweet older lady. We were askin’ the normal get-to-know-ya questions, and it had come out that I liked to cook and wasn’t so shabby at the sport. So she asked me, are you married? Dating? When I said no, her reaction made me laugh. Incredulous, you could say. She just couldn’t believe that a man hadn’t latched on to that idea.

I’m here to tell ya, friends. It’s a cryin’ shame, a real shame, cause some of the things that come out of my kitchen make my mouth water. Sometimes, I just want to pack it up and take it on over to the neighbors and say “SEE, LOOK WHAT I DID!!” At one point somebody did say that what I made was “slap your gramma” good- Sorry, Gramma, that’s not at all about you. It’s nothin’ fancy but worth sharing when you’re in a good mood about it all.

In an ode to my new salad spinner, courtesy of the sweetest guest on the planet, I conquered a formerly uncharted territory: that thing known as coleslaw. Apparently I didn’t buy lettuce at the grocery store, but cabbage?

Here goes nothin’:

About half that head o’cabbage (chopped? grated? thinly sliced? you choose.) +

some leftover dill (maybe 1/4 cup, chopped up nice) +

half a cucumber (no seeds!) sliced on a mandolin or w/ a knife (my roommate’s scared of mine so I have to use it when she’s not around)

about half a carrot, sliced thinly

some onion- whatever you have. I chopped it but i think it would be pretty kinda thinly sliced

1/2 cup mayo (three wallops of the spoon was what I used)

a little bit of milk or half and half or cream

about 2.5 Tbsp of sugar

about 2 Tbsp cider vinegar or any kind

salt and pepper (if you’re like me, everything has LOTS of pepper. but not many people are.)

SPIN that cabbage to clean it, add the dry goods, and then mix the wet ones together and shake it up. Resist the urge to make a homemade burger or burn a hot-dog to go along. Or don’t. You know, whatever- it was all spur of the moment and you can’t always get what you want. I’m eating it with some grilled chicken and another kicker- collards.

You know, I just love that I’m from the South.