oh hi guys, oh hey. i don’t know if it’s the caffeine that i consumed far too late in the day or my boredom and creativity kicking in, but i was brainstorming on the way home about ways to make my life more interesting and fun and decided that i am going to do an experiment. 

every month, for the year of 2012, i will try something BRAND. NEW. 

requirements: none. 

i anticipate that most of what i will want to do will be experiences. i have spent far too much time daydreaming of buying a brand new wardrobe to express who i am and far too little time taking the time to expose myself to experiences and moments in life that add to my character. this is the year of 25. the year where i am mostly an adult and settling into a few ruts and routines that are familiar and comforting. i like familiar and comforting, and i think i’ve established myself on the hierarchy of needs- i have food and clothing and friendship and security in a lot of things. at the end of this year, i will have done (at least!) 12 brand new things and

ideas! go to that poetry group at charis! do that extra special thing that i will do for my birthday (Shhhhhhh), yoga membership! pottery studio membership! rock climbing! urban hiking! stay at the hostel in the woods! buddhist meditation! habitat for humanity build in atlanta! spanish classes! photography classes! get a dog! look into graduate school! speed dating! art galleries in atlanta! half marathon! swimming! do a back flip! 

this, my friends, is my new challenge. i take it on in concert with all of the buds on the trees that i notice as i have been running to accomplish february’s BRAND NEW item: running a 10k. 

you’re, of course, invited in the adventure, and i welcome suggestions. 

i have excitement.